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Additional Wildlife Control Services

At Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC we offer a wide variety of services within the wildlife control and pest control industry. Getting rid of nuisance wild pest is not the only services needed for this industry. Offering well rounded services is what keeps the wild life out and contaminated areas cleaned. Below we list our additional services we offer besides animal removal.

Animal Trapping: We are a full service animal trapping company. We capture and remove everything from mice to coyotes. All animals are humanely trapped and relocated within the county captured to prevent the spread of diseases. 

Attic Restoration: Decontamination of attics, walls, and ceilings is very important in the wildlife control industry. This is done to prevent the spread of diseases and keeping the structures safe. We provide full service restoration and decontamination. 

Chimney Caps: We offer all types of caps for various flue sizes to keep nuisance wildlife out. This includes birds, bats, raccoons, and squirrels. 

Commercial services: There is no job we can't handle. This includes getting rid of birds and bats from high places on commercial buildings and apartments. We work with many property management companies to get rid of nuisance wild animals from commercial sites. We carry 1 million dollar liability insurance. 

Dead Animal Removal: Sometimes the critters don't make and it and find somewhere in your home to die. This includes poisoned animals by other pest control companies or just animals searching for places to die alone. Sometimes wildlife end up in your wall and don't make it out. We can remove any dead animal from your home or property. 

Deck Screening: If you have raccoons, skunks, opossums or woodchucks living under your deck or porch then you may want to keep them out.  Digging a barrier trench around your deck will keep unwanted pest out. 

Emergencies: Sometimes jobs can not wait for appointments. If you have a critter in the home then it requires immediate assistance. We have a wildlife technician on duty to take care of your emergency pest.

Exterminator: Poison free rodent extermination from homes and attics.  

Inspections: We provide a well rounded home inspection and evaluation to identify your pest problems. This includes locating entry points and damages to your home. 

Live Exclusions: we can exclude any nuisance wild animal or bird through a live exclusion. This is the most popular technique to get rid of bats and birds. We can even do an exclusion with one way doors for squirrels. 

Maintenance Programs: Maintaining a pest free home is most important when keeping nuisance wildlife out. We offer monthly and yearly touch up services to our repairs.   

Residential Services: 90 percent of our work comes from you the homeowner. Residential services is our most important service. We keep wildlife out and home owners safe. 

Wildlife Prevention: If you have a neighbor with wildlife problems then prevention on your home may keep the critters out. If you would just like to have a pest free home of wild animals or birds then wildlife proofing your home will help your cause. 

We provide many of these services throughout the state of Michigan. See if we are in your area

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