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Attic Restoration- Clean Up of Animal Feces and Bat Guano

Attic RestorationAs an added service we can get rid of all wild animal waste including bat guano, raccoon feces, bird nest, or rodent droppings. Damaged insulation is also removed and haled away in a dumpster container. There are several step we take before, during, and after the clean up. Below we describe how to professionally get rid of unwanted waste and damaged insulation from the attic. 

Floor Protection Needed1. Before the clean up- Flooring is put down around walk ways and entrances into the attic. Temporary lighting is used through out the attic and crawl space. Orek air purifier is used in the room to prevent airborne dust particles. We use an antimicrobial spray and a fogger before the clean up to control airborne dust and fungi spores. This is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi through the home.  

Insulation vacuum 2. During the clean up- 15 horse power insulation vac and 45 gallon construction bags are used to clean up damaged and soiled insulation from the attic.  Bat guano removed from the attic is never carried through the house. It is always removed through the attic vents or an open window in the house.  Once the bags are full we relocate the debris in a 30 yard dumpster or transported to our shop where our dumpsters are located.  

Attic Decontamination 3. Odor Control and Decontamination- Once all of the soiled insulation and bat guano are removed from the attic 
the attic will be decontaminated and deodorized. This is done to prevent the spread of airborne fungi and bacteria. Bats leave a fowl odor in the attic so it is important to control it with a latex based kill stain.  Even once fresh insulation is put down, odors can be absorbed into the wood framing and drywall still releasing these odors into your home.  

Insulating the Attic 4. Replacing the Insulation- After the removal and decontamination process all of the insulation will be replaced with a minimum of an R-49 value. Usually we install cellulose because it is more echo friendly and better to keep your airflow controlled.  Sometimes we have to replace the dry wall as well if certain areas are damaged or hard to get to.  

5. After the Clean-up- Pictures are taken and showed to the home owner to make sure everything is done to their specifications. We clean all of the flooring up and vacuum the carpets. 

For attic Restoration of bat guano, raccoon feces, bird nesting, mice or rat droppings we service the entire state of Michigan. Visit our service area to see if you are located within our daily route.  

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Insulation Removal Service

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