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Nuisance Wildlife Barrier And Deck Screening

Deck with cedar wallsHaving problems with nuisance wildlife making their home underneath your deck or home? Well you've come to the right place, because we can build a barrier around your deck or porch to prevent the critters from living there. We have gotten calls for all sorts of problem wild animal living under their decks. Animals including raccoons, groundhogs, skunks, opossums, fox, and feral cats. These are animals that seek shelter to stay out the harsh climate conditions in Michigan. Wild animals need sheltered areas to survive, but those areas need to be in the wild where they belong. It's understanding wildlife look for areas around your home, because their natural habitat is increasingly diminishing. With that said we still can't allow nuisance wildlife to live under your deck. People and wildlife should coexist, but not at a threat.

How Do We do It?
When installing a deck barrier it is important to dig a trench around the problem area. Digging a 12"-18" trench around the deck will keep nuisance wildlife from digging underneath the fencing. Once the hole is dug out we cut the hardware cloth to fit around the entire deck. Typically a 1/4" hardware cloth is used because it has a higher gauge than the 1/8" we use for screening vents. When installing the hardware cloth it is recommended to put a 4"-6" L shape at the bottom of the screen. We screw the screen around the bottom edge of the deck. Then we back fill the trench with the dirt we excavated to complete the job. To see a video on how we do this click here

Here Are Some Problem Critters You may Encounter Living Under Your Deck  

Skunk Removal Solutions in MichiganSkunks living under your deck will leave a very strong odor. One that is undeniably detected. Skunks are also one of the most rabid animal in the state of Michigan. Skunks are a threat to your home and your pets. Keep the skunks out before they become a problem to your home and pest. A good deck barrier can keep skunks out from underneath your deck or porch and away from your home.

Raccoon Removal Solutions in MichiganRaccoons living under your deck can be a fear among any home owner. When raccoons feel cornered or threatened they can lash out at you or your pet. Raccoons are always in seek for shelter to have their litters and raise a family of raccoon pups. They become very protected over their young and will lash out. Installing a good deck barrier with hardware cloth will keep out the raccoons.

Groundhog Removal Solutions In MichiganGroundhogs living under your deck can be a nuisance problem to you the homeowner and your pets. Groundhogs tend to be an annoyance to dogs more than anything. They are not aggressive, but when cornered they can be a threat. They have very sharp front teeth and will pack a punch if they bite you. Around your deck there might be vegetables and flowers which groundhogs love. They will eat away at your plants to. Installing a good deck barrier will be your solutions to keep unwanted groundhogs out.

Feral Cat Removal Solutions in MichiganFeral Cats living under your deck is really a nuisance for 3 reasons. Their urine is almost worse smelling then skunks, they can be mean and lash out, and are very annoying to your dog. Feral cats will have several litters and become more and more of a problem over time. Setting up a deck barrier will prevent wild cats from living under your deck and causing your problems.

These are just some problem animals living under your deck. Opossums, fox, woodchucks, and other critters ill make their way under your deck as well. If you have nuisance wild animal living under your deck or porch contact Michigan Wildlife Solutions toll free: (877) 922-2287. We service all of South East, MI for deck screening and barriers. To see if we are in your area click here

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