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Wildlife Emergencies- Animal Control Emergency Calls

Raccoon on a Rooftop About To Break InEmergencies: A wildlife emergency is different in every situation.  To our company it may not sound like an emergency but to a home owner it may be.  So no matter the wildlife problem, bat in your house, scratching in the attic, raccoon in the fireplace don't hesitate to call.  First we will provide you with over the phone consultation, then we will try to get to your home right away to solve your nuisance wildlife problem.   

Dangerous Encounters: If there is a dangerous situation don't panic, stay calm and remove yourself from the situation. We are on stand by for these types of calls. Often there is a bat in the house flying around and you don't know what to do.  You may have a raccoon fall through the sealing, snake in the living quarters, squirrel in the house.  No matter what wildlife has entered your home keep in mind they are wildlife and are in unfamiliar territory.  You should not handle them with out proper equipment and knowledge. Call us and we can help you right away (877) 922-2287.  

Fast Response Team: We are Located in Livingston County, MI and work a 100 mile radius.  Depending on how far away you are and where we are working we will give you and ETA of our arrival.  We pride ourselves on getting out as fast as we possibly can. Remember don't panic stay calm and remove yourself from your home until our fast response team arrives.  

After Hours: We work at all hours of the day. No wildlife is on a 9-5 schedule so there is no telling when you may have a wildlife problem.  Our office is a mobile one.  We work and live out of our trucks so don't hesitate to call us with your after hours problems.  If we don't hear your call leave us a message with your problem and we can respond right away. 

Bat in the BasementWildlife in Your House:
  Have bats in your house?  Raccoon in your living quarters? No problem to us! We have all the necessary equipment to take care of all your wildlife emergencies.  

Stay Relaxed and Calm: If you don't deal with wildlife on a daily basis it is expected to be fearful of them, because its not a normal routine of your life.  Well to us it is a normal daily routine. Do not panic and stay calm.  The animal is defiantly more scared of you than you are of them. If you have a bat in your house see our diagram on how to get rid of them or watch this video from Bat Conservation International. 

For Emergency Services you may call our Toll Free Number (877) 922-2287. After hour rates and emergency call rates may apply. 
If we are unavailable for emergency service please contact your local animal control agent or police department. We can come to your home next day for a complete inspection on your home.