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Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan Wildlife Control

 What does trap and relocation services mean?
We capture animals in a live trap then take them as far away as possible within the same county to relocate them to a safe habitat. We have private locations to take or wildlife to. Animal capture and release is the most humane way to get rid of nuisance animals.
 Is your service a free service?
We are a private service for hire. Back in the day D.N.R. or county animal control would capture nuisance animals funded by the state. Now wildlife control is done by licensed wildlife control operators.

 Are you a pest control company?
We can be found under the pest control category through searches, but we are actually considered a nuisance wildlife control company. We are not a pest control company, because we trap animals, prevent entry, and decontaminate attics. Pest control companies are trained to use poisons. 

 What type of insects do you get rid of?
We do not operate as an insect control company and rarely go on calls for insect problems. We operate as a wildlife control company and get rid of nuisance wild animals, birds, and reptiles. Occasionally we seal up homes and screen vents for bees, wasp, and yellow jackets. We also knock down nest, and carry organic insect spray on our trucks for safety. 
 Do you use poisons or rodenticides?
NO! We are a poison free company and only operate wildlife control in the most humane way. Poisoning animals or rodents creates more of problem to the homeowner and pets.
 Do you use humane trapping techniques?
We typically use live traps and exclusion devices for all jobs. Sometimes use snap traps for rodents to help control the population easier. This is the most humane way to take care of rodent problems. 
 What areas do you generally service?
We service all of South East, MI and most surrounding areas. See our service area for our map of areas we commonly service.
 How long have you been doing wildlife control?
We have been in business for over 12 years now and have completed thousands of live exclusions and animal control jobs through out the state of Michigan. 
 Are you licensed by the state of Michigan?
Yes we are licensed by the D.N.R. to serve the state of Michigan as a wildlife control operator. License # RC 1019
 Are you insured?
We carry a million dollar liability insurance. Back to top 

 Do you carry workers comp insurance?
Yes carry our proof of workers comp insurance on all of our trucks. 

 Is wildlife control expensive?
Depends on the task at hand and what is considered expensive to you. Wildlife control is a specialized service which requires working in tough places, high on roofs, and in harsh conditions. Anytime dealing with wild animals we are at risk to be scratched or bitten. Some jobs maybe very inexpensive, however a lot of jobs can be priced high. See our pricing page for more information.

 Do you accept credit cards?
Yes we except all major credit cards and all forms of payment. 

 Do you take care domestic dogs and cats?
We are a wildlife control company and do not get rid of domestic animals. We do trap feral/wild cats though. 

 What type of wildlife do you handle?
Pretty much any type of nuisance wildlife there is in Michigan. For animals, birds, and snakes we commonly get rid of see our wildlife services page.  

 What are your specialties?
We specialize in live exclusions and wildlife prevention. Bat exclusion, bird exclusions, and even squirrel exclusions can all be done with a one way door method and sealing up other potential entry points.

 Why should I hire a wildlife control specialist?
A wildlife control specialist can get rid of your of your problem bird, animal, or snake in humane controlled method. Most wildlife operators are not pest control techs and do not use poisons. When hiring an animal control company there are many things to consider.