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Michigan Groundhog Removal and Tapping Services

Groundhog Problems in MichiganIn Michigan we take care of nuisance groundhogs or woodchucks.  You will find groundhogs in open plains or digging holes and living underground. Groundhogs in Michigan are found living under decks, in rock walls, and in hills. Groundhogs have rounded claws used for digging. Groundhogs are vegetarians and eat plants, grass, flowers, and other vegetation. 

Nuisance Problems: Groundhogs dig holes on top of hills creating landslides. They also dig holes under sidewalks and rock walls creating the cement and rocks to come tumbling down. Groundhogs live under decks close to homes so they are often found pestering pets.

Problem Solvers:  Groundhogs are trapped in live traps usually by baiting traps with vegatation like lettuce, carrots, or apples. Once trapped they can be relocated with in the county they are caught. Holes should be filled in, because coyotes and fox will take over the den site causing more nuisance wildlife problems. Deck barriers can be made to keep them out from under your deck. 

Identifying a Woodchuck/Groundhog Problem at Your Brighton, MI Home.
Groundhogs like to dig holes in hill banks, rock walls, and under sidewalks. You can identify a groundhog hole by large mounds of dirt. Flowers and other vegetation are also destroyed by groundhogs.

If I do have a Groundhog/Woodchuck problem what would it cost me to get rid of them? 
Click here for free price quote today!Groundhog trapping is the best and really only method to get rid them. Charging for groundhog trapping is much like trapping raccoons, squirrels, or skunks.  We charge a set up fee/inspection to come out to your home to survey the property and strategically set traps. Depending on the location of your home you may expect to pay an inspection fee of $90-$125. Typically for groundhogs we charge a per animal cost or we may charge a per trip charge. Per animal cost could be anywhere from $60-$100 depending on the placement of the traps and location of your property. Trip charges depend on the location of your property. This is the method we usually use for groundhogs. This cost is usually cheaper than the initial service call. At an added cost once the groundhogs are trapped and removed we can also screen of decks or fill in holes to keep them from returning. For free detailed quote click on the free price quote button. 

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