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Howell MI Muskrat ControlIn Howell, MI muskrats live in ponds, rivers, streams, and ponds. Muskrats generally eat vegetation like weeds and cattails. Sometimes they will even eat small fish and frogs. 

Nuisance Problems: Muskrats burrow into walls of ponds creating caving, sliding, and erosion. They also destroy vegetation in home owners ponds. We have found muskrats living in coy ponds eating fish and destroying pumps and heaters.

Problem Solvers: Muskrats are easily trapped in colony traps or live traps on land. Green apples and bird seed often work the best to lure the muskrats into the traps

Recent Muskrat Trapping Jobs/Stories in Howell, MI. 
We received a call with a single muskrat creating damages to a home owners coy pond. The muskrat was eating the fish, eating the bird seed, and destroying the pond heater. We set a colony trap inside the pond and a live trap on land where the muskrat was eating the bird seed. We removed seeds from the bird feeder and filled the trap full of seeds and apples. Within one day the muskrat was in the trap. 

Muskrat Problems Howell, MI

Having troubles with muskrats in your pond? Contact a professional wildlife trapper at Michigan Wildlife Solutions for muskrat removal and control.

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