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Michigan Poison Free Mice Extermination Services

Mice Control in Michigan Poison FreeMice, Rat and Rodent Infestations
In Michigan rats and mice will survive in the wilderness and in urban areas. They are very similar to one another. The eat numerous amounts of food and have 50 to 100 young per year.  There are black rats otherwise known as roof rats as well as brown rats aka Norway rats. Rats will live in city buildings, sewage systems, and pretty much anywhere they can survive. Typically we only deal with rats in the cities because a food source is more prominent in dumpsters and other areas.  Roof rats will live in attics and burrow underneath insulation creating nest.  

The most common problem we deal with in Michigan are field mice.  Mice are mainly nocturnal rodents but can also be found during the day.  Mice love to live underneath insulation and burrow tunnels through out your attic.  Mice can fit through 1/4" holes making construction gaps on your roof gateways to your attic. 

Most field mice and house mouse weigh less than an ounce.  Mice will network through your home and attic, pretty much anywhere they can.  Often the reason mice enter your home is because there is a food source somewhere there.  House mice will eat many types of food but prefer seeds and nuts.  Often we will see egg corns or bird seed scattered through out the attic.  One mouse can't eat a ton, but they will sample many foods causing the spread of diseases. Mice will sample many foods there for defecating everywhere very frequently. Mice ruin more food than they consume. Mice are nocturnal rodents, but sometimes will be seen during the day. They dig and chew like all rodents do and will create many openings on your home.

Nuisance Problem: Running through walls and across ceilings is their biggest nuisance to home owners. They also chew wires in the attic causing 25-30 percent of all house fires. They leave droppings and urine behind causing many diseases like salmonella. 

Problem Solvers: Poison free mice control is the best technique. Gang trapping mice in the attic and homes is the best way to get rid of mice. Also preventing the mice from coming in is the best way to get rid of mice and keep them out. See our mice in the attic page to help solve your mice problem. 

Mice tunneling in the insulation How to identify a mice or rat problem in the home?
Just like most animals there will be signs there is a problem. Typically with mice or rats you will see them, hear them scratching, or notice droppings.  When in the attic mice will leave tunnels in the insulation. Usually holes the size of a quarter through out the insulation.  

If I do have a mice/rat problem what would it cost me to get rid of them?
Click here for free price quote today!Our mice control programs are much different than most exterminators or pest control companies. We do not come to your home and lay poison baits all over them home. This technique is very lazy and can end up costing you more money in the long run.  We offer a seasonal mouse program where we can set traps in your home, attic, garage or basement. Our objective is to locate points of entry from the exterior of the home and inside the attic. We initially charge a home inspection and evaluation fee of your home. Price could range from $75-$125 depending on the location of your home and the difficulty of the job.  Upon or inspection of the home we strategically place traps in areas where the mice are nesting. Typically in 2-3 weeks later we will return to check all of the traps and make sure the outside repairs are in good standing. Cost of repairs on the home for mice prevention will vary home to home depending on the steepness of the roof, lineal footage of caulking, number of repairs, etc. For a more detailed price click on the free quote button.   

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We service most areas in Michigan for mice removal and control. See our service area to see if we are in your area.