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Mice Nesting in the Attic- How to Get Rid of Them Poison Free

Mice in the AtticWhen you lay there in bed you may hear scratching in the attic. Often it is mice you hear tunneling underneath the insulation of your attic. The "house mouse" loves to live in your attic. They can climb like all rodents and that includes crawling up and down your walls to your attic space. Mice will use your insulation for nesting material creating pockets to store things like seeds, nuts, and other food sources. Once the mice have gained access into your attic they can cause the following problems:
  • Scratching in the attic
  • Scratching in the walls
  • Mice droppings in the attic
  • Strong odors in the attic
  • Gnawing and chewing of wires
  • Chewing of plumbing pipes
  • Diseases like the Hanta virus
When you discover a mice problem in the attic it is important to take action. Trapping, prevention and exclusion are the best techniques. Discover our poison free mice control methods. 

Why do Mice Choose Your Attic to Live in?
An attic provides perfect shelter for mice to live in. It is warm, dry, and keeps them free from predators. It also serves as an area to have babies several times a year. Just like many rodents, mice will store food in your attic. Many home owners don't believe they can have mice in the attic, because they have never seen them in the house. Mice in your house or basement will feel threatened especially if your have pets. Mice can have plenty of access to food on the exterior of your home and don't need the food source you provide them in the home. 

Mice Damage- chewed wiresWhat damages can Mice cause in the attic? 
besides the annoyance of scratching and scampering in the attic mice can cause significant damage to your attic and your health. Mice are chewers just like all rodents. Mice are known for causing about 25-30 percent of all house fires. They chew on electrical wires and plumbing pipes in the attic. Mice are filled with diseases and the most common disease you can contract from mice being in your attic is the hanta virus

How to get rid of Mice in the attic?
Just like most ways of the wildlife control industry there is a right way and wrong way to get rid of mice from the attic. Many pest control companies take the lazy approach to solving your mice infestation problem by laying poisons through out your home and attic. Getting rid of mice can be that simple, but your doing more harm than good. Your attic will be filled with dead rotting mice causing horrible smells, maggots, and flies. If a poisoned mouse makes it in to your home your pets may be at risk of secondary poisoning. Quarterly mice programs offered by pest control companies will end up being more expensive and less efficient in the end. When getting rid of mice from your attic we take a different approach. Below are the steps we take to get rid of mice infestations. 
  1. Inspection: Inspecting your entire home or building to locate entry points of the mice, potential entrances, nesting areas, run ways, and damages. Areas we inspect include your roof lines high and low, foundations, walls, gutter lines, eaves, electrical and plumbing lines. 
  2. Live Exclusion: This consist of sealing all possible entry points on the outside of the house and setting up one way exit doors. The mice can run out, but can not get back in. 
  3. Trapping: In the attic we set snap traps or repeating mice traps to catch any left behind mice. Some times simple drops of peppermint can drive mice out of your attic, because they are allergic.
  4. Trap Removal: After 2 or 3 weeks time we return to remove any set traps in the attic as well as one way trap doors. We then reinspect the home to make sure all of the areas remain sealed up. 
  5. Clean Up: Some homes that are filled with mice droppings will require a clean up and possible attic restoration. Damaged insulation and dropping need to be removed sanitized and replaced. 

 I Have a Mice Problem in My Attic, Where Do I Start?
We offer a free quote over the phone or with email. You may also want to visit our mice control page for more information and basic pricing questions. If you not sure how to hire a wildlife control professional, visit our how to hire page to help you out.

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