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Michigan Mole Removal and Trapping Company

South East Michigan Mole Control In Michigan moles live underground creating tunnels.  Moles are nearly blind and rely on their sense of smell and touch to maneuver through the underground tunnels. Moles feast on grubs and worms underground. 

Nuisance Problems: Moles are rely harmless animals, but they create lots of mounds of dirt in the lawn making your landscape look bad. 

Problem Solvers: Mole control is done by trapping and destroying the mole hills. Controlling the grubs is one way to drive moles out as they are their number one foods source.

Identifying a Mole Problem in Your Michigan Lawn.
Moles dig tunnels and uproot the soil creating mounds of dirt all over your lawn. The dirt piles are usually filled with soil black in color. 

If I do have a mole problem what would it cost me to get rid of them?
Click here for free price quote today!Our mole control programs are much different than most exterminators or pest control companies. We do not come to your home and lay poison baits all over the yard. We offer a seasonal mole program where we can set traps in your yard to get rid of the moles. We initially charge a home inspection and evaluation fee of your lawn. Price could range from $195-$295 depending on the location of your home and the difficulty of the job. Upon or inspection of the home we strategically place traps in areas where the moles are tunneling. Typically in 2-3 weeks later we will return to check all of the traps. Additional per animal removal fee may apply. For a more detailed price click on the free quote button.   

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We service South Michigan for mole removal and control. See our service area to see if we are in your area.