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Wildlife Control Programs and Service Pricing

Get a free online quote today! Prices for wildlife control vary home to home and building to building. Many factors are considered when pricing jobs for animal control services. Location, proximity to a technician, the type of animal, and the severity/ complexity of the problem aresome factors for pricing a wildlife control job. First and foremost an inspection/evaluation is recommended to decide what the best technique is to get the job done safely and humanely.  Not all jobs are as simple as setting traps and catching the animal.  Birds and bats are typically evicted from your home through an exclusion process which involves more than just setting traps. Repairs are made allover the home to prevent the return of the birds or bats.

In order to get the most accurate price quote there are questions you must consider before contacting us.

What type of animal are you dealing with?
Are you hearing scratching in the ceiling and walls? 
Is the animal in the home or basement? 
When are you hearing the noises?
How long has the problem been going on?
What is the size of the home?
Are the roofs steep?  
Is your home new or old?
What time of day are you calling to have the work done? 
Are there any smells of a dead animal, feces, or urine in the attic?

These are just a few questions you may want to consider when contacting us. During our conversation we may bring about several other questions or concerns you may not have thought about

Cost of wildlife control does vary, but there are a few main things to consider when pricing animal control jobs.
  1. Wildlife control is highly skilled and specialized work, which requires unique licensing and liability risks.
  2. You typically get what you pay for. Cheaper companies may offer much lower prices then a professional wildlife control company with lots of experience and carry all of the necessary liability insurances.
  3. There is no one price fits all jobs, because every job we do is unique in its own way.
Even though there is no one price fits all jobs, it is important to understand what you are spending to get rid of your pest.  For trapping jobs you can expect to pay an initial set up fee and service call to the home. Depending on the location of your home you may pay for example $75-$150 to inspect your home and property and set up the traps. The same inspection cost would also apply for an exclusion of birds or bats. 
What goes into pricing jobs and estimating cost?
  1. Inspection/Service Call: It is customary for a wildlife control company to charge some sort of initial charge to come out to your home.  This helps to pay for the technicians drive time, time on the job, work in which goes into setting the traps, climbing on steep roof tops, and climbing through your attic, and liability insurance. An estimate for this cost may range from $75-$200. We usually fall somewhere in the middle depending on where you live.  Be very wary of companies who do not charge for this service or claim to give free inspections. You may not get what your looking for in the inspection process. The old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true in this sense.
  2. What is the Task at Hand?: Variance in job description is what varies the cost of the work. Services may range from simple task like baiting and set traps at ground level. Setting traps on the roof top would be a little more difficult. Excluding bats or birds will require a lot more work and this type of work has the most variance.  Simple traps jobs may have a per animal cost or better yet a trip charge.  An example for a feral cat job would go something like this; $100 set up fee and $60 per cat removed. Another example which often is better for both you the customer and we the business would be $129 set up fee/inspection, and $89 for each additional trip to remove however many nuisance animals as possible. This method allows us to set more traps with out the fear of the price on the invoice going up for every critter trapped or caught. Once the animals are caught or trapped it would then be a great idea to fix the holes to keep other animals from returning. Price for repairs would vary depending on how large the opening is, how hard it is to get to, and how many openings there are. Labor and materials are all considered in the final quote to wildlife proof your home. For a ball park figure you can expect to pay $60-$600 in repair cost. A very wide range, but some homes have 1 gap, and some have 10 plus.
  3. Clean-up: As an added service we can provide attic restoration to help decontaminate your attic space and restore it back to it's original state. This is usually insurance work, so don't hesitate to contact your homeowners insurance to help you with paying for this. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3-$6 per square foot of cleaning depending on the severity of the job.  
  4. Warrantied work: For every job done it should follow with a warranty.  We warranty all of our repairs for five years. We like to give home owners the comfort of their investment to get things fixed and get it fixed right. For trapping jobs we do give a 30 day warranty on the service call/inspection fee. If the target animal we are trapping comes back within the first 30 days we will return for no added cost. Animal pick up fees or return visits may require an additional trip charge.

For more information on animal removal cost you may want to visit costhelper.com.
For pricing information on a specific animal click one of the animals below. For a quick over the phone quote or email quote, click the free quote button above. Not sure what to look for when hiring an expert? Visit our who to hire page for keys on what to look for. 

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