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Raccoon Removal From Attics And Chimneys in Michigan

Raccoon trapping specialists in Michigan In Michigan we offer wild animal control services such as how to Get Rid of Raccoon's: Raccoon Removal, raccoon control, and raccoon damage control; including attic decontamination and insulation removal.

Have you been hearing scratching sounds, loud banging or walking around in the walls or attic of your home or business in Michigan? If so, you may have a raccoon problem!

Identifying if You Have a Raccoon Problem:

Raccoon's are probably the most recognized animal in the Michigan wildlife.  Black and brown, black around their eyes, and a ringed tail distinguish them from all other wildlife.  Raccoon's are great climbers and are found in dumpsters, sheds, garages, factories, chimneys and house attics.  They are primarily scavengers in the cities looking through dumpsters and garbage cans for food.  They will also eat fish and other small wildlife. Raccoon's look for areas in your attic or chimney to build their dens, often times to have their young. You can identify entry points to the attic or chimney by large opening in the roof line, open canned vents, hanging soffits, or no chimney cap.  


Raccoons in Chimneys and FireplacesHow to Identify Raccoon's

Raccoon's nocturnal animals and mostly active during the night. They will come out around dusk or right at dark to forage through dumpsters and garbage cans looking for food. During colder climates in Michigan the raccoons will stay close to their den. However raccoons do not hibernate and will come out during warmer winter nights. Raccoon often bread during January and February in preparation to have their young around the end of March or early April.

Common Reasons for Raccoon Removal and Control 

Raccoon's will enter your Michigan home or businesses in order to find an area to make their den. Raccoon nesting areas like hollowed out treas are consistently being destroyed. It really not their fault they enter your home. Michigan wildlife Solutions can remove raccoons from your Michigan home by trapping and handling with thick gloves.  
Raccoon Damage Control

Raccoon Damage: Damage Control and Prevention

Just like any wildlife in you home or attic they will cause damage. Whether that is chewing on wires, ripping up insulation, or feces and urine through out the attic this can all be prevented and repaired. Trimming back trees at least 3 feet from the house will keep animals from getting onto your roof. Flashing around poles, chimney caps, and roof vent caps will all prevent raccoon entry.  If you are unfortunate to have raccoons enter your MI home and damages occur, Michigan Wildlife Solutions can decontaminate your attic by removing the droppings and damaged insulation. 

Nuisance Problems: Raccoon's are loud walking around in attics. They destroy insulation and defecate all over the attic. They carry many disease like rabies, distemper, and their feces carries eggs of roundworm which can hatch and become harmful to humans. Whenever there are raccoons in the attic it is always recommended to have it restored and cleaned. 

How to trap a raccoonHow to Get Rid of Raccoon's 
Once raccoons are in your home they do great damage. Raccoon's should be removed or controlled from your home by trapping in live traps. Once trapped from your Howell, MI home its recommended to relocate the raccoon at least 20-30 miles away within Livingston County, MI to prevent the spread of diseases. Raccoon's can also be removed by handling with thick gloves or by a singe pole catch nuise. Only recommended from experienced nuisance wildlife technicians. If you have raccoons living in your attic and the have become a nuisance, visit our raccoons in the attic page for more information. Our Most Recent Raccoon Removal job/story in Michigan We recently received a call about a raccoon living in the rafters of the Howell, MI Lowe's garden center located right on Grand River Ave. The trap above is the raccoon we removed with a catch nuise. We set up our 28 foot ladder against the wall and nuised up a female raccoon from the rafters and put it in a live trap. Ironically enough we used a trap we bought from the Lowe's in Lansing, MI earlier that day.

If I do have a Raccoon problem what would it cost me to get rid of them? 

Click here for free price quote today!Raccoon trapping is the best method to get rid of them. Charging for raccoon trapping is much like trapping opossums, squirrels, or skunks.  We charge a set up fee/inspection to come out to your home to survey the property and strategically set traps. Depending on the location of your home you may expect to pay an inspection fee of $90-$125. Typically for raccoon's we charge a per animal cost or we may charge a per trip charge. If there is a litter we will charge for the entire litter removed, not per baby removed. Per animal cost could be anywhere from $60-$100 depending on the placement of the traps and location of your property. Trip charges depend on the location of your property. This is the method we usually use for raccoon's. This cost is usually cheaper than the initial service call. At an added cost once the raccoon's are trapped and removed we can also screen off decks, screen vents, cap chimneys, or fix canned vents to keep them from returning. In some instances with female raccoon's and babies we can place raccoon eviction fluid in their nesting area to evict them. For free detailed quote click on the free price quote button. 

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For raccoon concerns or problems in OaklandGeneseeLivingstonWashtenaw or surrounding counties call Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your problem  (810) 922-5495. 

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