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Michigan Snake Removal and Prevention

Snake Control and Prevention in MichiganIn Michigan there are 17 different types of snakes. The snake most people fear is the only poisonous snake in Michigan. The Eastern Massasauga also know as the Michigan rattler. Most snakes live near wet lands or cool places. They are found around foundations of home, basements, and even attics. Most snakes eat small rodents, grubs, frogs, and worms. They are very beneficial to our environment. Snake calls we go on the most are milk snakes, rattle snakes, and garter snakes. They find cool places against the foundation and end up in the living quarters.  

Nuisance Problem: Snake calls we go on are because snakes are bothering their pets, snakes get into the basement, or even snakes in the attic. If snake feel threatened or cornered they can lash out and bite. Even though most snakes in Michigan are not poisonous if they bite it always important to seek medical attention because of the bacteria in the mouths of the snake.

Problem Solvers: Snakes are usually removed during the service call by hand or with snake tongs. There is a trap you can set, but we have found them to be useless.  Stay away from using glue boards because the snakes get caught on them and it is impossible to get them off without harming them. Vegetable oil can be used to get the snake off.  Sometimes snake away can be used around the exterior foundation of the home, but never inside the home. 

Our Most Recent Snake Removal Job/Story in Michigan
We have been on several snake calls during the month of April, because the snakes move from underneath the frost line and out into the wild seeking food. We went on a snake call in Linden, MI because the homeowner found the snake inside the living quarters of her finished basement. Once tiny opening around the exterior plumbing exhaust allowed the snake to enter the home. We removed the snake with tongs, sealed up the hole and relocated it. We also went to an older home in Grand Blanc, MI where the homeowner was tearing down the ceiling drywall and out came some milk snakes from the attic. The snakes were crawling up an old broken chimney connected to the attic.  The mothers laid eggs and before we know it there were 12 milk snakes in all we removed.

If I do have a snake problem what would it cost me to get rid of them?
Click here for free price quote today!Our snake control programs are much different than most exterminators or pest control companies. We offer a seasonal snake program where we can put down snake away around the foundation of the home. Our main objective is to locate points of entry from the exterior of the home and inside the attic. We initially charge a home inspection and evaluation fee of your home. Price could range from $75-$125 depending on the location of your home and the difficulty of the job.  Upon or inspection of the home we locate entry points into the home or basement. During this time we can give you an estimate to seal all of the potential openings. Also snake traps can be set during the time of the inspection. Cost of repairs on the home for snake prevention will vary home to home depending on the lineal footage of caulking, number of repairs, etc. For a more detailed price click on the free quote button.   

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Michigan Snake Species

  1. Black Rat Snake
  2. Blue Racer
  3. Brown Snake
  4. Butler's Garter Snake
  5. Common Garter Snake
  6. Copper-bellied Water Snake
  7. Easter Hog-nosed Sanke
  8. Easter massasauga Rattlesnake
  9. Eastern Milk Snake
  10. Fox Snake
  11. Kirtland's Snake
  12. Northern Ribbon Snake
  13. Northern Water Snake
  14. Queen Snake
  15. Red-bellied Snake
  16. Ring-Necked Snake
  17. Smooth Green Snake