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Full Service Michigan Nuisance Wildlife Control Solutions

Michigan Wildlife Solutions provides all nuisance animal control solutions through out several counties in Michigan. Below are some animal Control Services we provide to get rid of nuisance wildlife from your home, attic, or yard.  We removal all animals listed below, but are not limited to the following. Call today to get your unwanted pest removed from your home. 

Michigan Bat Removal and Control SolutionsBat Removal: Bat Removal and control in Michigan is our specialty. Michigan Bat Control Inc. is the states foremost leading bat exclusion experts. Bat evictions are done through a humane live bat exclusion and prevention.  
Beaver Removal: Beaver removal and control is done through the trapping and relocation services. Beavers create damns that destroy properties by rivers, lakes, and ponds flooding out lawns. Beavers chew and gnaw at trees to create logs for their we built homes. Once the beavers are removed these damns can be destroyed. 
Bird Control: Birds damage attics, eaves, homes, and chimneys.  Bird control and removal is done through exclusions, trapping, and prevention. Chimney caps, caulking, vent covers, vent screens, and flashing are all ways to remove and prevent the entry of birds. Wood peckers, starlings, sparrows, and chimney swifts are all nuisance problem birds in Michigan.  
Coyote Removal: Troubles with coyotes terrorizing your pets you may want to thing to have your nuisance coyotes trapped and relocated.  
Feral Cat Removal: Feral cats need to be removed to prevent wild cats from multiplying.  Feral/stray cats can be a real nuisance to home owners and pets. Wild cats are not nice house cats, they can be mean and lash out at you or your pets. Feral cats are trapped, relocated, spayed, neutered, or taken to a humane society. Please do not call about domestic animals, cats or dogs. 
Fox Removal: Much like coyotes, fox can pester your pets, livestock, or chickens. Fox are trapped and relocated within the county.  
Groundhog Removal: groundhogs destroy rock walls, sidewalks, and your garden. We trap and relocate groundhogs/woodchucks within your Michigan County. 
Mice Control: Our mice control and removal is much different than most pest control companies. We trap and remove all unwanted mice from your attic, basement, or home. We are not exterminators and never use poisons to get rid of mice or rats from your home. Mice prevention and trapping is our recommended method for removal. 
Mole Removal: We trap and remove moles. Typically it is one or two moles creating all the damage to your lawn. 
Opossum Removal: We trap and relocate unwanted opossums from your property or attic.  
Muskrat Removal: Muskrats are trapped and relocated. 
Rabbit Removal: Nuisance rabbits are trapped and relocated. Rabbits do damage to your garden and flowers. 
Raccoon Removal: Raccoon removal and trapping is a big necessity in the state of Michigan. Due to the cold winters and raccoon habitat dying out, the raccoons will look for places like your attic or chimney to live. For problems with nuisance raccoons in your chimney or attic we can trap and relocate them within in the county captured. 
 Skunk Removal: Skunk removal in control is necessary due to their awful smell. They are also one of the leading wild animals to have rabies in Michigan. Trapping and relocation is the best way to get rid of skunks from your Michigan home.   
Snake Removal: Unwanted snakes can be removed and controlled from your home. Snake in the basement can be removed by hand. Caulking and sealing around the foundation of your home can be done to prevent snakes from entering your home. 
Squirrel Removal: Squirrel control is one of our calls we get the most because of their nuisance to home owners.  Like other rodents squirrels are responsible for 25%-30% of all house fires. They also do damage to the insulation and attic. Their dropping's can contain the hanta virus. Trapping and sealing up entry points is the best way to control squirrels.