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Michigan Wildlife Solutions

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Wildlife Permit # RC-1019 | Pest Control 7A and 7D Certified # 630443

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Who We Are

When Joe, the founder of Michigan Wildlife Solutions, had a vision of owning his own wildlife control firm, he started a company called Michigan Bat Control. Bats became a passion and therefore a specialty.  However he knew he didn't only want to control bats, he wanted to control other nuisance wildlife as well. Because the MBC name didn't lend customers to believe we controlled other species, we soon opened our new entity Michigan Wildlife Solutions. Because the demand for other critter removal, we now operate our business under the Michigan Wildlife Solutions name. We created this website to help costumers better understand our nuisance wildlife in Michigan. Our specialty is bat removal and control, but we also recognize the need for wild animal trappers. We have been trapping nuisance wildlife since the summer of 2000. Trapping programs consist of squirrels, mice, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, fox, groundhogs, chipmunks, and all other nuisance wild animals. For a professional wildlife trapper contact Michigan Wildlife Solutions.

We trap animals throughout several cities in South East, Michigan. Our exclusion program of bats, birds, mice, squirrels have also expanded to many cities throughout Michigan . Our goal is to maintain the safety of humans while allowing nuisance wildlife to coexist with humans on their properties and not in the homes. We have several years of experience and all of our technician are trained in the bat exclusion process, wild animal trapping, wildlife proofing, bird control, and poison free mouse control. Were are licensed and certified by the state of Michigan to control nuisance wildlife safely and humanely with in the county we capture the animal.  
Michigan Wildlife Solutions is licensed and insured in the state of Michigan. We carry a 2,000,000 dollar general liability insurance allowing us to work on commercial buildings such as apartments, condos, high rises, churches, industrial buildings, factories, and other commercial properties. We abide by all workers compensation laws and are bonded to protect homeowners of their property.    
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Meet the Crew

We have an office Manger, and three office assistants to help you with your calls and emails 7 days a week. We currently have 12 service trucks in our fleet and are looking to add at least one each year. As our customer data base grows and our service area expands we need to be able to reach out further. We are always looking to expand our fleet and with that we are expanding our employee count.

Joe Michigan Wildlife Solutions



(Business Management) Studied at the University of Michigan. Has a bachelors degree in mass media communications and computer science from the University of Michigan. His background in the wildlife control industry goes back to early 2000. After Realizing he wanted to work with more wildlife other than bats, he opened Michigan Wildlife Solutions in 2012. Joe maintains the business, helps with phones, and still works in the field. He knows every area in South East, MI very well.

He comes with over Almost 20 years of real in the field experience. If you have a wildlife problem Joe is here to help.
Brooke Giffin Office Manager at Michigan Wildlife Solutions


Office Manager

(Office Manager and Customer Support) Brooke has been with us for a long time. She has been here from near the beginning and helped grow our company to where it is today. She is the key to making our company run like a well oiled machine. Brooke runs all of our office staff and makes sure the communication with our customers is smooth. She is the backbone of the company. She also maintains all of the phones, customer support and office duties. If you have questions or concerns she is your go to person for customer support.

Wildlife Certified

Certified Wildlife Control Operator

Certified Bird Management Operator

Bennett Wildlife Tech


Wildlife Control Operator

Exclusion Specialist


Eric Michigan Wildlife Solutions


Wildlife Control Operator


Spencer Michigan Wildlife Solutions


Wildlife Control Operator

Exclusion Specialist

Tim Michigan Wildlife Solutions


Wildlife Control Operator Serving Oakland County and Surrounding Areas

Bat Standards Certified

Wildlife Certified

Certified Wildlife Control Operator

Certified Ridge Guard Installer

Tyler Michigan WIldlife Solutions


Wildlife Control Operator Serving Genesee, Lapeer and Surrounding Counties

Bat Standards Certified

Wildlife Certified

Certified Ridge Guard Installer


Tylor Michigan Wildlife Solutions


Wildlife Control Operator Serving Macomb County and Surrounding Areas. 

Bat Standards Certified

Wildlife Certified

Certified Wildlife Control Operator

Certified Ridge Guard Installer

Ken Zimmerman


Business Support

Bat Standards Certified

Michigan Wildlife Solutions Office Staff


Office Assistant

Get a Free Online Wildlife Removal Quote Today

We have many other great technicians and Office Help to assist you today. If you have problems with nuisance wildlife and live in Southe East, MI area we are here to help. Contact us today and we get you an approximate estimate to solve your nuisance wildlife matter.

Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC

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Serving All Central, Greater Lansing, and South East, Michigan cities.

Bay County, Clinton County, Eaton County, Genesee County, Ingham County, Jackson CountyLapeer CountyLivingston CountyMacomb CountyOakland CountySaginaw CountyShiawassee CountyWashtenaw County, and Wayne County

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