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Looking for a professional Wildlife control services for your residential home or commercial building in Lake Orion, Michigan?  We have an advanced bat control crew and bat trapping specialists.  We are a local business near Lake Orion, MI and regularly provide bat control and exterminator services in the Lake Orion, Michigan area.

Bat in the House? Noises in the attic?

We provide an array of bat removal services for residential and commercial properties through out Lake Orion, MI and surrounding areas. We operate a complete bat pest control company and specialize in removing nuisance bats from your Lake Orion homes or offices. If you have a bat in the house or bats in the attic we can help.

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If you are trying to decide who to hire in Lake Orion, MI or surrounding areas for nuisance bat control services this page may help you. We are a private for hire service and do not remove domestic animal such as cats or dogs. Please contact us for bat abatement services we offer in Lake Orion, MI.


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In Lake Orion, MI we come encounter with many types of bat removal jobs. Bat control, bat extermination, bat pest control are our specialties in Lake Orion. We service many types of residential and commercial buildings. Residential homes ranging from ranches, colonial, bungalow, gable style, log cabins and many more. Some commercial properties we have got rid of bats in, are churches and commercial building with office spaces. We once had a doctors office call with bats living above the drop ceiling. The bats were entering right around a conduit pipe through the soffit.

If you are looking for a bat exterminator in the Lake Orion, MI area we urge you look for a humane bat removal and control professional. Bat Exterminator or Extermination is an old term used to get rid of bats. Bat removal experts are not your average pest control specialists. Bat removal companies are wildlife control operators who specialize in the field of bat control and prevention. There are no poisons, bat traps, electronic devices, or bat repellents that can solve your bat problem. In fact bats are protected and endangered species. Bats are very beneficial to our environment and it is illegal to kill bats. If you need a bat removal in Lake Orion, MI consider Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your bat problem.

Bat Removal Services

Bat Colony Removal & Bat Proofing

Getting rid of bats in the attic can be a tricky process, as bats are protected by law in many countries due to their important ecological role in controlling insect populations. It's important to take humane and legal measures to remove them. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Observe and identify the entry and exit points of the bats. Bats are nocturnal, so the best time to observe them is at dusk or dawn.
  2. Seal all entry points except for one, which should be left open for the bats to exit.
  3. Install a one-way exclusion device, such as a funnel or netting, over the remaining entry point. This will allow the bats to leave but prevent them from returning.
  4. Wait a few days until you're sure that all the bats have left. You can check for bat activity using a flashlight at dusk or dawn.
  5. Seal the remaining entry point once you're sure that all the bats have left.
  6. Clean up the attic to remove any bat droppings, which can pose a health hazard.
  7. Consider installing a bat house in a nearby tree or other suitable location to provide an alternative roosting spot for the bats.

It's important to note that it's illegal to harm or kill bats in many countries, so make sure to follow all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, if you're uncomfortable or unsure about handling bats, consider hiring a professional wildlife removal service to assist you.

Bat Removal Pricing Guide- How We Do It

Just Get Bats Out

$400-$800 /Exclusion

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Roof-Vent Sealing
  • Clear Sealant/ Black Foam

Keep Bats Out

$800-$1,200 / Exclusion

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Roof-Vent Screen
  • Color Match Caulk

Keep Bats Out For Good

$1,200+ / Exclusion

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Premium Vent-Guard Covers
  • Full Home Exclusion

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