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Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County, MI Local Wildlife Control Company

In Washtenaw County, MI we provide many animal control and nuisance wildlife services. Our pest control services around Ann Arbor, MI area are not like that of exterminators. We do not use any types of poisons, fumigations, bait blocks, or any other harmful chemicals whatsoever. Our animal control programs are to simply remove any rodents, birds, and nuisance wild animals and keep them out. Our services include inspection, removal, control, prevention, and clean up. Typical calls that come from the Washtenaw County, MI Area are because a home owner may here scratching in the attic, bats flying out of the home, raccoons in the fire place, or birds in the vent. Our specialty is bat removal, bat control, and live attic pest exclusions. All of our repairs on the home to keep the wildlife out of the attic are always backed with our five year guarantee. Below are a list of reasons you may call for animal control services in Washtenaw County, MI.  For more information on our Washtenaw County wildlife removal services visit mibatcontrol-washtenaw.com.

Wildlife Removal Services in Washtenaw County Michigan

Wildlife Control Services Offered in Washtenaw County, MI

Attic Restoration

Bats, rats, birds, mice, squirrels or raccoons in the attic can create significant damage to your insulation and pose a health issue. Bat and bird dropping contain the histoplasmosis fungi. Mice and other rodent droppings carry the hantavirus. Eggs of roundworm are found in raccoon feces and recommended to be removed.


Bird Control Service

Bird Control and Removal because you may have birds in the attic, birds in an eave, or in a bathroom vent. Bird calls coming from the Ann Arbor, MI area we usually get are for sparrows, wood peckers, starlings, pigeons, swallows or chimney swifts.

Animal Control Service

Animal Control Removal Solutions are calls because you may have a raccoon in the chimney, attic, or garage. We also get rid of skunks and trap and relocate coyotes and fox. Trapping in Washtenaw County, MI is  requires patients and expertise. Call Michigan Wildlife Solutions to see if we can trap your wild animal pest in your area.

Rodent Control Service

Rodent Control because there are mice, rats, or squirrels in the attic. You may have a beaver or groundhog problem as well. We typically set traps for animals in Washtenaw  County, MI, and we provide wildlife proofing, control, and exclusions. Also as an added service we clean up rodent droppings and damaged insulation from your attic

Bat Removal Service

Get Rid of bats from your attic which includes bat removal, bat pest control, and bat extermination. All bat removal and control projects in Washtenaw County, MI are done humanely through a live bat exclusion. For information on our bat exclusion program click the bat removal link above.


Wildlife Prevention

Animal Damage Control and Prevention- squirrels on the roof, birds in the eaves, or bats flying around the home may require some repairs on your home to wildlife proof in order to keep the critters out. Wild animal prevention is part of our animal control services, because wildlife are always seeking alternative living areas, and those areas may be your home or attic. Capping chimneys, capping bathroom vents, caulking, and screening vents are all things we can do to keep you pest out.

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In Washtenaw County, MI we provide Animal Control Services for all of the following areas, but not limited to: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline, and Ypsilanti.

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