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Commercial Wildlife Control Services

We specialize in wildlife and bat removal services for various commercial buildings and are proud to serve a range of clients, including multiple property management companies. With comprehensive insurance coverage including a two million dollar general liability insurance, workers' compensation, and bonding, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected. No project is too challenging for us, and we are equipped to handle a wide range of commercial properties. Here are some examples of the buildings we service:

  • Apartment Complexes and Condos
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Yearly contracts for wildlife removal
  • Repair estimates
  • Wildlife management of entire complexes (apartments, condos, etc.)

Animal Removal Contracts

We have several property managers we are contracted with for animal removal. We work with you and set up a competitive price list to help keep up with your nuisance wildlife removal services. We can either set up a per-occurrence contract for animal trapping or a flat rate annual fee to maintain your buildings and keep them wildlife-free. Whether you have raccoons in the attic, skunks under the deck, or coyotes on the property we can help. Our wildlife animal trapping specialist can help with any type of nuisance animal. We will keep your commercial property free of any nuisance animals.


Commercial Bird Control

Bird control for commercial buildings has become one of our specialties over the years. We have worked on several commercial buildings throughout our careers. We have done bird netting to keep out pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. Bird netting on commercial buildings usually takes place in loading docks and other structures susceptible to roosting. We often room birds from storefront signs such as the Belle Tire sign. Birds nest in between the letters and create a nasty mess. Optical gel typically works well for this type of bird problem.

Bat Removal Service

Commercial Bat Control

We work with several property managers on bat removal services. Apartment buildings and condos often encounter bat problems. Unlike residential structures, bat control on commercial buildings requires us to seal off the entire building. One condo or apartment unit may be having problems, with bats but we need to address the entire building. We have completed thousands of bat exclusions on commercial buildings. Many companies in Michigan will not take on bat removal projects on commercial buildings. If you have a problem with bats in any commercial structure we can help.


Commercial Rodent Control

Many rental homes, apartments, warehouses, or condos will encounter mice, rats, or squirrel problems. We are rodent control specialists. We assume this specialty because we do it the right way. We are a poison-free company. Our commercial rodent control services are much different than your average pest control company. We are not there on a quarterly basis to install poison at your building. We are there a couple times of a year for trapping and repair prevention. We seal off the structure and trap any unwanted rodents from the property poison-free.

How Much Does Commercial Wildlife Control Cost?

Commercial wildlife control service cost ultimately depends on the job at hand. For single-service call trips, you can expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $200. For most if not all an estimate is always required when dealing with commercial structures, due to the complexity of the job. If you would like a more detailed quote for commercial wildlife control click on the free online quote button.

We service over 14 counties in Michigan for commercial wildlife control jobs. See our service area to see if we are in your area. Looking for a professional wildlife control expert specializing in the commercial wildlife control process, but not sure who to hire? Click here for information on hiring a wildlife control expert.

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