Keeping Wildlife Out: Protecting Your Ridge Vents

Guarding Your Home: Proven Methods to Safeguard Ridge Vents and Keep Wildlife at Bay

Protecting Your Attic: Preventing Wildlife Access Through Ridge Vents

There are several effective prevention methods for keeping animals from getting into your attic through ridge vents:

By implementing these prevention methods, you can effectively keep animals from getting into your attic through ridge vents and protect your home from potential damage and nuisance wildlife.

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Installing Ridge Vent Guards to Safeguard Against Wildlife Intrusion

Ridge-Guard (Certified Installer)

Since its introduction in 2017, Ridge-Guard has revolutionized wildlife control for professionals. While ridge vents remain a popular choice for attic ventilation, their plastic design has posed a significant vulnerability to creatures like bats, mice, squirrels, and birds. Plastic ridge vents, being prone to flexing, warping, and movement, have become a common entry point for wildlife, particularly bats. Ridge-Guard offers a superior solution, effectively securing vents against bats and mice infiltration. If you value the longevity of your roof and plan to stay in your home for the long haul, investing in Ridge-Guard is a wise decision. Protect your home and enjoy peace of mind with Ridge-Guard.

Ridge-Wrap (A Cheaper Alternative)

In 2019, we welcomed Ridge-Wrap to our lineup as an alternative to Ridge-Guard, offering effective wildlife exclusion for ridge vents without stretching our customers' budgets. In the past, primitive methods like black foam or roof sealant were the only options available to keep wildlife out, albeit not our preferred approach. Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, we continue to offer these methods, especially for those with older roofs slated for replacement in the near future, as they provide a cost-effective short-term solution. Now, with Ridge-Wrap, we bridge the gap, providing a durable, budget-friendly option to keep wildlife out of your ridge vent. While not as resilient as Ridge-Guard and not ideal for creatures like mice or squirrels prone to chewing, Ridge-Wrap offers a reliable middle ground for long-lasting wildlife exclusion.

Identifying Wildlife Culprits Damaging Your Ridge Vent and Accessing Your Attic

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At our company, we utilize an open one-way door system to exclude bats from your attic. Given that bats can enter your attic through various openings on the ridge vent, it's crucial to install one-way doors at all points of entry along the ridge vent. Our exclusion process adheres to the guidelines set forth by Bat Conservation International to ensure ethical and effective bat removal.

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Sparrow Control


While uncommon, there are instances where birds may enter your attic space through the ridge vent. Similar to bat removal, resolving this issue is straightforward with the installation of a one-way door, effectively eliminating the bird problem from your attic. Once the birds have been excluded, our team will ensure a complete nest removal from the attic. 

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The ridge vent serves as a frequent entry point for mice due to its design limitations. Unfortunately, plastic venting systems are not sufficient in deterring mice, as they are prone to damage from gnawing. Moreover, ridge vents are often elevated enough from the roof, providing easy access for mice to enter. Trapping in the attic and ridge vent guards are the best means for control. 

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The design limitations of the ridge vent make it a common entry point for squirrels. Plastic venting systems, unfortunately, fail to deter squirrels as they are susceptible to damage from gnawing. In some cases, ridge vents may even be elevated enough from the roof, offering squirrels easy access to enter your attic space.

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