Pigeon Control Flint, MI


Hundreds of Pigeons Flock to Downtown Flint, MI

We were called to a building in Flint, MI with several hundred pigeons taking over this building. The pigeons were roosting down in between buildings on window ledges. These pigeons are creating a huge mess and doing some damage to this building.

We are working on getting rid of the pigeons by control and trapping methods. Our way to keep them from the window ledges is to use an optical gel or bird netting. Optical gel is a substance that will keep pigeons from landing in certain areas, but may not keep them from entering the area. If we install bird netting this is a physical barrier that will completely keep them out.

Building with Pigeon Problems.

The difficult part of controlling pigeons in the is building as you can see in the picture is getting access to all of the roosting points. Pigeons fly high and we have to find a way to get to where they are at. Because this is in between buildings we will either have to build scaffolding or stretch the net from one building to the next. We will be going back to this building soon, so we will provide an update and pictures.

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