Emergency Squirrel Removal Beverly Hills, MI

Red Squirrel on the Loose

Customer emailed with the call of a red squirrel running loose through her home in the basement. The email came in around 6:30 at night. The customer emailed frantically. "There is are squirrel running around in my house and I'm FREAKING out! Can you please Help asap."

Red Squirrel on the loose

We sent a text out to all our technicians to see who could jump on the call and get the squirrel out. A couple technician replied in route, but one of our wildlife control operators was closer than the other. He arrived to the home around 7:30 and the squirrel remained in the basement. It had gotten into the drop ceiling. The squirrel was a small juvenile, probably from last years litter of squirrels.

Our tech was able to remove the squirrel by hand. He will be heading back out tomorrow morning to complete an inspection on the home to see how the squirrel or squirrels are getting into the home. Happy customer for now, but there may be more squirrels like this in the future. This home is in need of a wildlife inspection asap.

Some homes may require some wildlife prevention or squirrel control to completely resolve the situation. During our inspection tomorrow we will have updates on the squirrel on the loose. We look forward to getting this customer back in to her home squirrel problem free!

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