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Types of Bird Problems in Michigan | How We Can Help

  • Bird problems in commercial building

  • Birds nesting on building signs

  • Woodpecker holes and pecking sounds

  • Screeching in the fireplace caused by chimney swifts

  • Birds in an exhaust vent (bathroom, dryer, stove, etc.)

  • Birds nesting in the attic

  • Birds nesting in eaves

  • Birds nesting above doorways

Birds in Michigan can sometimes cause more damage than any nuisance wild animal. There nest are filled with bacteria and fungi. There are several diseases associated with bird nest material. Just like with bat guano you can contract histopoplasmosis when inhaling the airborne spores of the nest. The birds we generally deal with that give problems to homeowners and industrial buildings are pigeons, chimney swifts, starlings, sparrows, and swallows and woodpeckers.

We specialize in bird removal and bird control.  We can prevent birds from getting into your home, attic, and fireplace but doing all the necessary repairs.  Flashing eves, screening gable vents, capping chimneys, fixing soffits.  Never trap a bird in its nesting area.  You will end up with dead birds and a nest with no way to ventilate out of your attic or fire place.

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Common Species of Birds We Control In Michigan

Bird Control Services in Michigan

Pigeon Control

Pigeons create a huge mess inside an attic or commercial building. They can also make a huge mess on your roof tops. They carry many diseases. Pigeons are typically controlled by removing them with nets or by hand. Sealing of their entry point is key to prevent them from returning. Cleaning the mess they make is most important as they are recognized as the dirtiest birds in Michigan.




Michigan Starling Control

Starling Control

Starlings live in eves, Gable vents, and huge construction gaps. They make large nest and can cause extensive damage to your insulation in the attic. Starlings are often the birds people encounter the most. Starlings can be excluded just like bats by using exclusion devices and bird netting to prevent the return. Cleaning eaves and vents is often difficult with out removing vents screens or soffits. Although difficult definitely recommended to prevent the spread of the bird flu, histoplasmosis, salmonella, and other diseases.

chimney swift

Chimney Swift Control

The name says it all. These are the annoying sounds (screeching) you hear coming from your fire place. There is generally a nest of young living in the middle of your chimney stack. Chimney swift control is difficult and often time sensitive. Control chimney swifts or getting rid of them often is done by patiently waiting until the nest of young are mature and can leave the nest. Once the birds are gone we can clean your chimney with a chimney sweeping rod and disinfectant. Once the birds are gone and the chimney is clean we will cap your chimney to prevent the return and keep other wildlife out.

Barn Swallow Control

Swallow Control

Swallows are a protected bird here in Michigan. They make mud nest on the side of homes, barns, above doorways and on commercial buildings. Because they are a protected bird, you are not allowed to remove their nest if it has eggs or young. The best way for control of swallows is to use deterrents such as intimidater reflectors, fishing line, reflectors, hawk or owl decoys, etc. The use of traps or bird gels is prohibited in Michigan. Once they have left the nest you must remove the nest and clean it thoroughly. Painting the area often works best.

Michigan Sparrow Control

Sparrow Control

These tiny little birds can fit into small construction gaps creating nest in several locations on your home. Often a bird exclusion is needed in order to exclude these birds from their nesting area. Exclusions for sparrows are much like excluding bats from your home. The use of one way doors and sealing open construction gaps is way to get rid of the nuisance birds and prevent them from returning.



Michigan Woodpecker Control

Woodpecker Control

Woodpeckers are the most annoying birds to home owners. These birds peck on your home for a few reasons; You might have a termite or carpenter ant problem and the birds are looking for food. It is understood by some experts that horizontal pecking patters indicates the the birds are looking for food. The feast on termites and carpenter ants. Maybe a good idea to have your home inspected for these insects as well as treated for. Vertical pecking patterns indicate the bird is looking for an opening to nest in. During a couple times a year the birds will come to your home during mating season. Often times you will hear these birds pecking on gutters to alert other woodpeckers they are in the area. Shiny flashing will often deter the birds from pecking at your home. When painting your home you may consider mixing it with a woodpecker deterrent.

Bird Control Solutions- How to Get Rid of Birds

Residential Bird Control

Bird removal is much like bat removal. Find the entry point and nesting area. Install a one way exclusion device. Cone shaped tubes work great, or bird netting is effective as well. Just like bat removal its always important to seal off any other potential entry points on the home. If you can get to the nest its very important to remove it. Sometimes this requires removing the whole soffit or remove the nest under the gable in the attic.

We specialize in bird removal and bird control. We can prevent birds from getting into your home, attic, fireplace, and vents by doing all of the necessary repairs. Flashing eaves, screening gable vents, capping chimneys, fixing soffits, bird netting and capping exhaust vents. Below are solutions we use to get rid of birds and keep them out.

Vent Cover

Birds in a Bathroom or Dryer Vent

Bird Vent Covers

90 percent of our bird removal or control calls come because the home owner has noticed birds in the bathroom or dryer vent. Either they smell dead birds or see them fly in and out. We often have to remove the nest from inside the attic, but sometimes we can remove and sanitize the nesting area from out doors. We cap all of our bathroom vents with the appropriate cap or screen to allow for good ventilation.

bird nest

Bird Nest Clean-Up- Attic Restoration

Birds can nest in all types of areas. Your attic is a main area birds like to nest. In doing so they bring in all sorts of material like straw, hay, garbage, etc. Birds are dirty pest and their droppings contain bacteria and fungi. These contaminated nest in you attic can be a major health issue for humans. One of our specialties is attic restoration. Includes clean-up, sanitizing and adding insulation.

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Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrents such as the intimidator, scary eye balloons, predator decoys, Irri-Tape and laser products are all good to keep birds off of structures. We typically use these for areas we can not install bird spikes or put down bird optical gel. These work good especially for stucco and wood sided homes. Birds create holes all over the house and the only way to keep them off is to install bird deterrents.

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Bird Netting in Loading Docks

Birds in Loading Docks- Bird Netting Jobs

Bird Netting: Job for birds nesting in rafters in loading docks and other open structures, may require bird netting to exclude and keep the birds out. We have been to Costco and other car part manufacturing companies to install bird netting for bird control. This requires every last square inch to be sealed off or the birds will find an opening. For this job the bird droppings were getting all over the car parts.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes to Prevent Nesting

Bird Spikes: We have been to several homes and buildings to prevent birds from nesting and landing on structures. Birds like to nest on all types of structures like commercial building signs, building ledges, under roof lines, and above down spouts. Installing bird spikes will prevent birds from landing in these areas. Once the birds learn about these spikes they will fly away and move to other structures for nesting.

Bird Trapping

Bird Trapping

Bird Trapping: Sometimes the only solutions to getting rid of birds from a building or rooftop is to set traps. This is typical for pigeons or birds in buildings. We often have to set traps inside of Costco buildings and on top of commercial buildings to trap pigeons. We typically have to set multiple traps or re-bait the traps several times in order to catch all of the birds. Bird trapping can be difficult and usually done by a professional bird trapper.

Optical gel

Bird Repellents

Optical Gel: Bird repellents or optical bird gels are often used to prevent birds from roosting or nesting. Areas where bird spikes can not be installed we use optical bird gel so it can not be seen. We like to use optical bird gels on the end of peaks on roofs. The uric acid in bird droppings will rot away the shingles. Bird gel can not be used everywhere as it will melt when it gets too hot outside. This product must be used carefully on homes and buildings.

Flock Off- A Scientific Revolution in Bird Abatement

Conceived by a quantum physicist in 2009, and developed by experts in Ornithology and Entomology, Flock Off uses applied science to disrupt the actual migratory physiology of birds with a tuned, electromagnetic pulse, only felt by birds.

When birds fly near, Flock Off disrupts a key protein in their bodies used to navigate. It affects mineral crystals present their beaks and wave receptors in their ears, eyes, and brain.  This momentarily halts their ability to judge speed, direction, and distance. The birds experience what humans might feel as “vertigo” within 5 feet of the system…AND simply cannot land.

Unlike spikes, nets, poisons, electrified wire, plastic owls, lasers and noisemakers, Flock Off ACTUALLY works.  It is harmless to the birds, harmless to humans and harmless to other animals. It is aesthetically pleasing, silent, low-profile and engineered for durability in all environments. One Flock Off system will protect up to 500 linear feet of structure.

With Flock Off, Birds humanely and naturally relocate themselves!

Safe & Humane

The operation frequency of Flock off affects virtually all problem birds! The system does not emit problematic radio frequency (RF) nor ultrasound waves. It operates at 120 HERTZ, in the audio frequency (AF) spectrum. This frequency is converted into an electromagnetic pulse and is not audible or harmful in any way and will not cause interference with electrical, electronic, communications or other systems. Birds are NEVER harmed by Flock Off.

Proven Green & Efficient

Flock Off was recently studied by the University of Arizona. Their published findings show a virtually 100% efficacy rate for bird abatement while simultaneously doing NO harm to the birds. Flock Off is a 100% GREEN solution!

Source- flockoffusa.com

Our Most Recent Bird Removal Jobs

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We service over 14 counties in Michigan for bird removal jobs. See our service area to see if we are in your area. Looking for a professional wildlife control expert specializing in the bird removal process, but not sure who to hire? Click here for information on hiring a wildlife control expert.

If you have have a bird problem and you live in Michigan we service you. Common areas we serve throughout our service area are: Bay City, Dewitt, Eagle, Elsie, Fowler, Maple Rapids, Ovid, St. Johns, Westphalia, Bellevue, Charlotte, Dimondale, Eaton Rapids, Grand Ledge, Mulliken, Olivet, Potterville, Sunfield, Vermontville, Waverly, Burton, Clio, Davison, Fenton, Flint, Flushing, Goodrich, Grand Blanc, Linden, Montrose, Mount Morris, Otisville, Swartz Creek, Dansville, East Lansing, Lansing, Leslie, Mason, Okemos, Stockbridge, Webberville, Williamston, Jackson, Grass Lake, Almont, Attica, Clifford, Columbiaville, Dryden, Imlay City, Lapeer, Metamora, North Branch, Otter Lake, Argentine, Brighton, Fowlerville, Hartland, Howell, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Armada, Center Line, Chesterfield, Clinton, Eastpointe, Memphis, Mount Clemens, New Baltimore, New Haven, Romeo, Saint Claire Shores, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Utica, Warren, Midland, Carleton, Dundee, Estral Beach, Luna Pier, Maybee, Monroe, Petersburg, South Rockwood, Auburn Hills, Berkley, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston, Clawson, Commerce Twp., Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, Franklin, Holly, Lake Orion, Madison Heights, Milford, Novi, Oak Park, Ortonville, Oxford, Pontiac, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, South Lyon, Southfield, Troy, Walled lake, Wixom, West Bloomfield, Wolverine Lake, Birch Run, Chesaning, Frankenmuth, Merrill, Oakley, Saginaw, St. Charles, Zilwaukee, Bancroft, Byron, Corunna, Durand, Lainsburg, Lennon, Morrice, New Lothrop, Owosso, Perry, Vernon, Akron, Caro, Cass City, Fairgrove, Gagetown, Kingston, Millingston, Reese, Unionville, Vassar, Ann Arbor, Barton Hills, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Ypsilanti, Canton, Livonia, Northville, Plymouth, Wayne, Westland. For more areas we service visit our locations page.

If I do have a bird problem what would it cost me to get rid of them?

Much like bat removal, bird removal or control has no set price. There are many things to take in consideration when pricing for bird control. Inspection of home, number of openings, hardness of job, and amount of nest to remove. Birds nest removal is one of the dirtiest jobs we do, so when pricing bird job we take all of this into consideration. A typical bird control job may cost anywhere from $300-$600 or more depending on the task at hand. For one single nest removed may cost $100-$200. Large commercial jobs that require netting, spikes, or other repellents could cost a lot more. For a more precise quote on bird removal in Michigan click on the free price quote button.

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